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What is your site about?

SAMRC Events Management System is an enhanced online web application to manage all the events handled by SAMRC events team. The system will allow stakeholders to be registered and access the event they want to participate on. Or you can click here About Us for more infomation

How do I register for an event?

The SAMRC Events Management System homepage shows the next upcoming events. To participate on the event, one will have to register as to receive the system login credentials through email (Please ensure that your email is correct), which will be used to login to a system for further instruction like payment and etc. Some of the events may not be visible to you depending on whether you are a registered for that particular event or not.

Can I Participate in multiple Events?

Yes, Every event is different to the other. Participant can go to the website and view the details of the event and if the potential participant is interested then click register to complete registration process.

How do you become a workshop host at the event?

The system has the automated announcement service which is used to announce new event to the potential participant. Alternatively you can go to the event and register.

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